Absolutely, we offer NZ 100% feather inserts, just select this option when you are selecting your cushion size & fabric. We offer cover only and with full feather inserts with all our cushions.
Each of our covers are cut from the full repeat, meaning that your cushion will likely differ from the one you see online. Let us know if you have specific requirements from one of our designs and we'll endeavour to find cushion covers to suit.
Due to the nature of the velvet pile, we highly recommend you use a reputable dry-cleaner to remove any stains from velvet.
Linen is a more forgiving fabric, so yes, the linen covers can be gently washed, using a gentle detergent...Do not use bleach of any form & dry away from sunlight, our NZ sun is very damaging to the colours.
When replacing unzip the cushion cover and fold your insert in half before placing inside the cover, this means you won't put pressure on the zip or seams when inserting or removing.
We recommend gentle dry-cleaning to keep your scarf looking gorgeous if needs be a gentle (low heat, no steam) iron can be used.

Due to the delicate nature of the very fine silk and the hand-stitched hems, we recommend sending your scarf to a reputable dry cleaner if needed.

Gentle steaming on the Silk setting can bring your scarf back to it's best.

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