I was born curious and have always been fascinated by imagery and stories that take me down the rabbit hole of my imagination.

 Studying photography, l fell in love with the magic of form and light, the challenge of capturing moments in time, reflections of the world around me.

 My career acting and presenting helped me develop skills to create characters and shape stories to emotionally connect with an audience.  

Now I work from the same place to connect with you in a vibrant, tactile way.  
At their best, stories satisfy and surprise and that is what I try to do with my work.

Exquisite fabrics, created in a sustainable environment, form the “canvas” to showcase artworks reflecting the colours and nuances of each design.

Five years ago when I started painting in my tiny studio apartment in Sydney, I had no idea of where my abstract artworks would take me.   
I’m still so excited every time a customer tells me how much they love something I’ve created. 
That’s the reason I do what I do.  Nothing can compare with the feeling that you’ve created something that makes someone else feel great.

So, a big thank you for your continued support and encouragement over those years and for allowing me to grow my dream into the business I have now. 
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