Tips for choosing interior paints

Key tips when choosing paint colours…make sure you test them out in different areas and at different times of the day.

Paint colours change dramatically when light hits the wall as opposed to when it’s in the shade from the sun or in the evening with ceiling lights.

Get yourself tester pots of your favourite colours, paint up an A4 card (most paint shops have these) and make sure to do 2-3 coats so you can see the true colour and then place it around throughout the day to give you a real sense of how it’s going to look.  Many paint stores also offer ready painted cards of popular colours.

If you're wanting a dramatic dark room, veer toward a paint that has a satin or low-sheen finish so the rich pigments in the colour are the focus rather than the distraction of a sheen.

My favourite paints are from Resene . They offer rich pigment content and have a fantastic colour range, especially in darker shades. Resene paints are ecologically and economically friendly, very easy to apply and very long lasting. Whether you opt for dramatic darks or for light tones, you can’t go wrong with these paints 


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