Sheer Love

Sheer Love

Curtains have had a bad rap in the past for being fussy, but I love to specify curtains in my clients homes.

This is for two reasons. One, they're a great opportunity to use gorgeous fabric to frame the story of the room and two, they're superb window warmers.
Winter's nowhere near as nasty when you have cosy curtains to protect from the cool outside.

Having said that you need to be mindful of not blocking natural light. Keeping warmth, privacy and style while accessing the beautiful natural light, easy right? 

This is where sheers come into their own. 

My general rule (when one layer of sheer is not enough) is to create two curtain rails.
The sheers being the feature, run along the inside rail and the lining sits back against the wall until needed, thus creating a warm and beautiful window treatment.

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